Eyefull is work fullness

Embracing Artists and their Work

I work with you and your business to find a clear way to express your message. The message can be written, visual or video. Whatever the mode, you can deliver the message with strength.

Connecting is part of communication. Work is part of life. We all want to feel the pulse and attraction to our work. Martha's Eyefull expresses the beauty of work and the energy of the individual and their products. The Eye of Eyefull is also the I of the Individual. Both are essential to seeing the beauty and strength within - a person, art work, or your product.

When we are working in an area that moves us, we bring more to it- More life, more vision, more enthusiasm and ability. When we disconnect from our passion, our focus blurs and each and every action gets measured in minutes of life that could be spent in a more productive way.

My joy is in assisting artists to find their voice on the web.