Kansas City



About Martha Hoffman

Martha HoffmanAs an artist at heart, I see joy in expression in many media and modes of communicating. I love variety and expressing myself in graphics, design, writing and presenting. I bring a love of life and color to my work.

I have worked with all types of people who appreciate my ability to listen to them and hear what needs to be done. Listening can be a gift all by itself. I bring humor and enthusiasm to the task at hand. I can encourage myself and others by making us laugh. No matter what other jobs I have had, I have always focused on making the people that I work with feel better. When they feel better, I do too. Until recently, I never appreciated this skill as unique. I always did it as a special project.

Working with Teams

My business experience includes 10 years in Information Technology at Sprint. I began in the Help Desk as an analyst. I worked with individuals and teams to turn ideas into action. As a catalyst for change, I focus past the old ways into the new.  My team championed processes that catapulted the help desk into greater efficiency and productivity. When the company merged, I developed a video, which humorously articulated the challenges of the IT team to bolster morale.

I have a master’s degree in human relations and a bachelor’s degree in semiotics (communication). I have been a Toastmaster for nine years. I developed speaking and leadership skills working at the District level in Public Relations.

My background includes a variety of fields. I spent 10 years in Information Technology dealing with processes and systems and computers. I worked in marketing and sales in various areas, including television, electrical products, and costume jewelry. 

I paint, love to drive across Kansas and travel to California and Colorado, my favorite destinations. I enjoy writing and reading, as well as public speaking with Toastmasters.

Dan & Martha I am a citizen of the world and I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. I enjoy my life with Dan the Man.