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history2lifeClay artist Shelley Zimmerman expresses from a first person voice her thoughts about making various pots and sculptures: My motivation to make art is the pure experience of being energized with life while being immersed with clay. The process involves exploring and creating which feeds my soul. Being immersed in clay and natural found objects re-energizes and restores my inner most sacred resources.

History 2 Life

history2lifeMaking history come to life, this website shows various characters that presentor Marlene Katz performs as people from American history. She has a wide array of characters from history like Amelia Earhart. She is a dynamic story-teller who can brings ideas to life at a meeting or live event.





RJP Motivation

RJP MotivationRandy J. Phifer, the orator of his personal Motivational Testimony and Lecture (MTL), delivers several genuine stories with emphasis on diabetes and the importance of knowing your family medical history. Additional entertaining orations are also available.





Speakers on Energy

blindchess.netAlternative energy sources, remediating buildings for better energy efficiency and safety concerns when upgrading your energy services, these are topics of the Speakers on Energy website. The website brings a wealth of knowledgeable speakers for your company conference or presentation.