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We tell stories to connect with each other

Bring Your Message to Life with Marlene

Organizations face enormous pressures as they have throughout history. Reach out to a hero or a villian of the past to bring your message home. All people face challenges in their lives. Marlene Katz incorporates many dynamics a person or a group of people face into her performances. She examines the time and place and its impact on the person or the country. She will deliver a unique perspective on an issue to give your group or team a way to face today’s issues.

World Class Performer 

Book Marlene Katz as a person from history to inspire your audience or team. She brings stories of the past to life. Her enactments evoke a moment of time to showcase solutions for your team and the challenges organizations face today.

Laughter and listening go together.

Listening to a good story captures our attention and gives us way to travel across time, place and ideas. Imagine meeting your favorite character in history and listening to them speak about their thoughts. History 2 Life brings new ideas to the art of story telling and live performance to deliver a unique experience for your adult audience. Learning is easy when you are laughing or are captivated by the ideas at hand

Invite her to your Meeting

Addressing the challenges we face today, your team or group can hear how women in history have dealt with their problems of the times. 

Telling the story

Putting her love of ideas and history and perfermance together, Marlene Katz brings history 2 life. Travel in time with her to meet important people of history, hear their ideas and feel the power she brings to her characterization of these dynamic figures.  
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